Manufacturing Capability

Our manufacturing capabilities cover cutting, bending, welding and machining.

Cutting: Laser cutting, Laser tube, Combi-Punch, Sawing etc


Bending: variety of bending equipment to meet different product requirements, capacity cover 70-400T with maximum length of 5100mm


Welding: our company is EN15085-2 CL1 certified and supported by our team of IWE and IWS. We have over 100 international ISO 9606 Certified welders as well as ISO 14732 Certified International Welding operators and several ISO 9712 certified non-destructive testing employees. Our welding methods include gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, TIG, ERW and stud welding. Our welding robots meet high-efficiency and high-quality automatic welding standards. 


Machining: CNC horizontal, vertical,boring, drilling, CNC center 


Automated Line: Integration of cutting, welding and machining


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