• Solar PV Tracker
  • Solar PV Tracker

Solar PV Tracker

Horizontal single axis tracker (HSAT): Independently driven rows, Dual-beam table with 1-module portrait configuration,1 motor for multiple tables (up to 180m);
Slope acceptance: North-South: ±10%;
Tracking range: 110° (120° on demand);
Wind load as a standard: up to 135 mph (ASCE 7-10) & Region C (AS 1170-2);
Snow load as a standard: 500 N/m² (EN 1991) - 10 psf (ASCE 7-10);
Stow Position: NO STOW Position required;
Tracking accuracy: 2° (Astronomical algorithm, with Backtracking);
Compliant with: IEC 62817 - UL 2703 / 3703

AMC supports its Chinese customers with overseas Solar projects in delivering the right tracker solution leveraging the global presence of our group sister company - ArcelorMittal Project Exosun.


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At Exosun, Solar Trackers Are The Result Of Perfectionist Engineering And Years Of Hands-On Experience.
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